Saiga is a Russian Arms company (same factory where the real AK-47's and AK-74's are built).  They build an array of firearms in calibers that are familiar all over the world.  One of their most popular (in my opinion) is their Saiga 12, effectively a 12 gauge AK-47.  In the Russian original version, these rifles look almost identical to the original AK-47, in fact many parts are interchangeable with them.  Sadly, we in the free world are not able to obtain these rifles in their original configuration because they look "evil".  The Saiga Company has been able to import these rifles in a "sporterized version" that includes a standard rifle stock with the Fire Control Group moved back.

There is good news though, for those of us who live in free states, we are able to convert, or more appropriately "restore" these rifles to their original configuration by using American made parts.  There is a huge variety of accessories and conversion parts and kits that can be purchased on the market, as well as a big following of Do-It-Yourselfers out there. 

For those in the Pacific NW who want this original configuration, but lack the tools/skills/desire/nerves to tear apart and reconfigure their shotgun, drop me a line and I can help.

SAIGA12: Reliability of the AK, devastation of the 12 gauge..

Unconverted Saiga (Example)
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Ranger Green Saiga 12 

Snow Camo Converted Saiga 12

Olive Drab Converted Saiga 12

Black Folder Saiga 12