Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Star Arms Adjustable AK Trigger

Red Star Arms Adjustable Trigger
In the pursuit of commonality between weapon platforms, I was interested in a two-stage trigger for my AK Variant to better replicate the Geissele SSA Triggers I have in my AR15 & AR308. My Ground&Polished Tapco G2 worked well, but it was a long single stage, and had a tendency of trigger slap.

I'm generally not a fan of adjustable triggers on battle rifles, but there aren't many options for good quality AK triggers. I decided to try out the red star Arms trigger. Fit and finish is very respectable, though no Geissele quality, it's also half the cost.

My main goal was to replicate the trigger travel and pull weight of my Geissele AR Trigger. I was able to adjust the pre-travel, trigger pull, and eliminate all over travel. In the end it was around a 90% replication.

Once everything was set, I pulled it out, removed all set screws and applied loctite to them. I don't have any plans to make future adjustments, but I went ahead and used the purple stuff so I still have the option to change.

One modification that is required is to grind part of the safety selector. This requires some fitting. Depending on how much over travel you take out of the trigger, you may have to grind additional material from the selector. While doing the install, I also installed FCG Retaining plate, so I additionally modified the selector so it can be removed withe the FCG still in tact.

Conclusion, the RSA adjustable trigger is one of the best investments I've made for my AK. A good trigger is very valuable for making those longer shots, and especially for me when I want user interface commonality between weapon platforms.

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