Friday, February 4, 2011

Desert Tan converted Saiga 12

Desert Tan Converted Saiga 12


Additional Pictures

Modified MOE Grip and Original FCG Holes filled

Custom Safety Selector Stop

Polished Bolt/Carrier

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  1. how strong is the JTE Trigger Guard when it only has two screws and one of the two is in the old trigger slot. i love the look of this trigger guard but i don't know if its worth the hassle of not having the safety stop and only having the two screws instead of the three that are in most trigger guards

    1. There's actually 3 screws that attach the trigger guard to the receiver, and holds it pretty well. Most of the bolt on trigger guards will attach the same way. JTE makes the AK style trigger guard that comes with a safety stop, which is a nice feature. If you're undecided on an AK grip or AR grip, I'd go with the AK grip with the AK trigger guard. If you're sold on the AR style grip though, it's not much extra work to add a custom selector stop.

  2. JTE Has now come out with a new AR style trigger guard that comes with the Safety Selector Stop, a good design change.